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Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

August 19, 2011

I was browsing etsy and saw these super awesome fortune cookie baby booties by sushibooties. I remembered saving a kimono baby bootie pattern a few years ago, so I set out to find a pattern to make them myself. Well lo and behold, Della Slowik of sushibooties was featured on the Martha Stewart show, and the website of the segment includes templates, a visual how-to guide, and a video clip of the show.

Instead of using 2 different fleece colors, I used acrylic felt (couldn’t find wool in my spare hour to run to the fabric store) and muslin lining. I also didn’t print the fortune on the material Slowik uses; instead, I just used a fine tip felt pen and some muslin to write my fortunes. I know if I were to wash the booties, this part would fray and the ink would probably run. I wasn’t too serious about quality–I just wanted to get the process down.

My fortunes say, “Become who you are,” and “Love surrounds you.” Slowik packages them in little Chinese take-out containers–brilliant.

I made a Baby Kimono from the Habitual tutorial about 18 months ago for Hannah Claire out of a Pottery Barn Teen pillow I found at a thrift store, which of course, I cannot find because it’s probably packed up in the winter clothes. It’s time to make baby Charlotte her own little kimono so she can sport her fortune cookie baby booties!

Hannah Claire in her kimono with tie-dyed pants

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  1. August 26, 2011 5:14 pm

    Those are the most adorable baby shoes EVER, and HC’s kimono is awesome. You are so talented!

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