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June 16, 2011

I’ve got a plan for what my stitching will be for the TMQG’s July Challenge. I figured I ought to take inventory of all the thread I have, since my idea involves free motion stitching on 25 different areas with different thread colors. I also set an additional challenge to myself to only use items already in my house for every aspect. This goes for the quilt top, thread, batting, backing, and sashing–everything.

Well, let me just say I had no idea how much thread I had! I knew my thread box sat perched on the bookshelf with slivers of color spilling out over the edge, like some technicolor bird’s nest on acid.

the thread stash

When I roam the fabric store, I tend to pick out thread for the project, which of course, rarely gets made. That’s how I end up with all these spools! I found metallic threads in gold, silver, blue, and green, enough blue thread to make 54 blue quilts, 3 spools of neat variegated thread, embroidery thread in all colors, 2 heavy duty spools, monofilament clear thread, and elastic thread, in addition to the normal sewing thread. I was surprised I didn’t get bogged down on myself for seeing a visual representation of all the projects never finished, as I tend to throw myself under the bus as a default thinking mode for irrational reasons.

While I can’t remember how I acquired some spools, other spools had me thinking about the project for which it was intended and what I was doing with myself that year. I’ve only been serious about sewing since 2003, so it’s not like I had decades to wade through. I’ve had so many changes and transitions in my life since 2003 that lining up the thread spools by category and then color was a nice exercise in reflection. Who knew thread would bring up so many memories?

I really am glad I took inventory of the stash so I can maybe design projects around the thread I have as I explore thread sketching and thread painting in the future. I also know I have a LOT to learn when it comes to the types of thread available to art quilters.

I could easily get tangled up in blue

What does your thread stash say about your buying habits or crafting personality? What thoughts and memories do you find bubbling up to the surface as you think back on projects and life? I am also curious if you think this is a tiny thread stash or an excessive one, since we all bring different experiences in interpretation. Tell me about your thread stashes!

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  1. June 16, 2011 9:50 pm

    For me, thread is an afterthought. To think of buying thread when I buy fabric for the same project is so out of my realm unless it’s for topstitching a dress. I use my regular piecing thread and require extra trips to the store for embellishment and quilting thread. I have a bit of a stash due to some floss sales and I let my girls pick things out.

  2. Jill Scherer permalink
    June 17, 2011 11:08 am

    Hi Lucy, it was hard to get a good picture, so I took a few (hope this works)


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