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Limeberry Quilt

November 8, 2010

I started this quilt in the fall of 2008 as a rush job for a baby shower I only had a day to prepare for away from home. My mom let me use her sewing machine and I went to Walmart to look for fabric. I found some really bright, fun colors. Back at the house, I cut a strip template from cardboard I found in the recycle bin and started cutting strips.

I madly finished the quilt top and gave that at the shower with the promise to finish it and send it soon.

Oops! Imagine the waves of shame that rolled over me as I found it when I was going through the UFO (unfinished objects) bin. The baby who wasn’t even born yet is now about to turn 2, and her quilt has been in quilt purgatory ever since. I held it up and wondered how the edges got so lopsided–a result of the rush job, I’m sure. The seams aren’t 1/4 inch seam allowance; I at least did a nice job of remembering to take the time to press all the seams.

I am also glad to have a marker of my growth as a quilter since I last saw the quilt top. I love it when I have a tangible record of how far I’ve come skill-wise.

I made myself a quilt sandwich, basted the quilt, and paid good attention to stitch in the ditch technique. I wanted to make sure I did a great job while maintaining a decent speed. The quilting went faster than I expected it to. I wanted to try a machine binding all around, so I first had to create my own bias tape for the binding out of scraps left from when I sliced up the top to even it out. I cheated and didn’t do the nice 45 degree angled join job, but who would have known had I not told you?

I squared up the sides and noticed a lot of the blocks just didn’t make sense lengthwise toward the sides. Well, that will give it character! I did an excellent job taking my time with the binding and mitered corners, choosing to machine stitch the back instead of hand whip stitching.

I can’t believe I let that fun quilt sit so long. The one thing I am quickly learning with the last 3 quilts I have made is that while waiting until the last minute to start the project is incredibly lame, the real kicker is when I realize it really was not a big deal or time commitment to follow through and just finish the project. I get so worked up in my head that making a quilt is soooooo hard and it will take too much energy. I find the opposite–the more I quilt, the more I look forward to each aspect of the process, and I should just plug on until I am finished.

At least the child is still in diapers…next time I’ll work on the first tooth deadline!

The front

I love how the back is just as festive as the front

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  1. Christina permalink
    November 8, 2010 9:10 am

    It is gorgeous! You are making me want to do some of my own quilting – I just sew the tops and then send it off to my friend Margaret who does the rest. And then when I get it back it takes me forever and ever to get motivated to do the binding… I have 2 downstairs that have been languishing for months and months waiting for binding. I’m sure your friend will be super excited when she gets your beautiful present and won’t care at all about the timing! Think of all the gifts you got at your shower that are long discarded…

  2. November 8, 2010 2:40 pm

    I didn’t have a shower, but it IS like a bonus gift I suppose! Quilting is the best part; you should try it out. I just found a longer screw to go in my machine, making it possible to now use my free motion foot–I am SO excited! I’m going to try threadsketching next.

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