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Serving in the Suburbs

January 27, 2010

What does the TV Series “Weeds” and a Christian woman’s article about serving have in common?

With a new babe, lifestyles quickly change. We spend many nights comatose on the couches watching TV on weekend nights. We’ve been watching “Weeds” and have seen through Season Two.

Regardless of viewpoint on exactly how she makes a living now, this Mama saw she had to provide an income for her family after her husband died. She saw, she did.

Another Suburban mother, Margot Starbuck, also sees something in herself and is actively trying to do something about it. My mother-in-law’s best friend’s sister-in-law is on facebook. (Got that?) She checked out my website and recommended I read some Margot Starbuck. I found a Starbuck article,”Serving in the Suburbs: 3 ways to practice compassion in the land of comfort and convenience,” on  Starbuck says how we just ride around in our minivans and rarely do something compassionate for those less fortunate on a regular basis. Bold titles give different ways of serving, while “Ideas for Action” sections offer all sorts of ways one could serve in her community.

As a friend and I discussed our response to a needy world, she told me, “I’ve realized I don’t have to do everything, just the next thing.” I cling to those wise words.

This week’s challenge, as we end January and begin February, is for you to figure out how you can serve somehow. Read Starbuck’s article and find a part that speaks to you.

Leave a comment and give us some good ideas, local to worldwide.

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