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remnant fleece soaker

January 24, 2010

HC has outgrown the small covers we were using, and we only have one medium. My longies have baby poo on them, so they’re out of commission until I wash them. I’m working off a small number of pocket diapers because I haven’t finished repairing shot elastic in the remaining few from a box of Pocket Change diapers, doublers, inserts–but no elastic. I have fixed some, but not all. I got the whole box for free thanks to Triangle Mommies! Of course, I will fix the elastic! I love looking through the buy/sale/trade sections on websites, since I am constantly giving things away or “setting it free” out to the universe. Pay it forward, pay it back.

I knew I wanted to try out sewing some fleece soakers. Using yellow fleece remnant from the Buggie Snuggie, I followed the Katrina’s Sew Quick Soaker Pattern, cut out the medium size, and followed the instructions for sewing the soakers.

Inspired by happy bum pants from sleeves on one of my favorite Mama Seeing and Doing, indietutes, I sewed a smiley face on the bum. The edges will fray when I wash it. The waist can be fixed with either elastic or a drawstring, but it stays on even though it looks big.

Mamas, check out:

Definitely leave a comment if you’ve made some covers with links to pictures if you have them. Promote yourself! I know there are a zillion resources out there, so share the ones you like.

Stay tuned for adventures in wool diaper covers from felted sweaters

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  1. January 25, 2010 3:35 pm

    Those are great Lucy! I’ll have to add it to my endless list of craft projects I’d like to do one day.

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