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Technicolor Memories

January 10, 2010

Cleaning out my home and ridding it of clutter can be an exhausting, emotional process. However, sometimes I unearth some fabulous finds. I found these pictures I took of my first family dinner I hosted right after Mike and I moved into our home in July 2008. They were on a SD card left in a broken camera.

I am always pretending that I am a photojournalist. However, I need to stop pretending and start acting like I am, because, well–I AM. I document my life and the world around me. It’s just up to me to do something to share or display them instead of just having a bunch of cool pictures that sit on various media storage places.

It is uncanny and a bit wacky to see how my family unknowingly matches the food, linens, and flowers. The little picnic table cloth is from Crate and Barrel, so they can call me any day to feature me somewhere! As you can see, there is nothing drab about a family dinner at my house! My grandma was 86 in this picture…and she’s 88 now! Never too late to learn how to bowl on Wii. These are the kinds of experiences I want to create in my home so that my family’s memories of the house I’ve made into a home will stand out in happy, vivid technicolor. Good food, good times, and lots of bright stimulation for the senses.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to do some digital digging. Post a link to your findings below so we can see what you have unearthed from your collection.

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