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Homemade Snuggie Slanket

January 3, 2010

Olivia in her snuggie with my broken silver boot

My friend Olivia, the mayor of Ellerbe, NC, came to visit last night. She is one of my favorite people ever! After curling up with the Buggie Snuggie that I made for my husband, Olivia concluded that she needed a snuggie to keep in her car to support her rather nomadic lifestyle. By keeping a snuggie with her at all times, she can sleep on couches wherever she might end up! Brilliant!

After I heard her mention this comment, I mumbled something about the baby and stole away into my sewing room. I whipped up a snuggie in less than 10 minutes, using the Buggie Snuggie as a visual guide.

I used a big piece of fleece I had that was bulky and taking up room in my fabric bin. I made a total of three cuts and sewed 6 seams total. I didn’t even use a measuring tape or hem the edges!

For the Buggie Snuggie, I used a pdf pattern from Welmoed Sisson that I found on I’ve also made one from golf-themed fleece for my friend Jennifer.

Have you made a snuggie? They are SO EASY to make. Depending on where you buy the fleece and how many coupons you have, you can make one for really cheap. However, if you decided to pay full price (WHY??), you might spend more for your homemade slanket snuggie (or just as much) as the As Seen on TV version. Feel free to include a link to your blog post or image if you have made one and want to show it off! My husband’s cousin’s wife (uh, my cousin-in-law??) made a Snuggie for her hubby when she was waiting to have her first baby. Jill also has hands down the best facebook photo of a Snuggie gift. I LOVE the fabric choices and the expressions!

Me in the buggie snuggie writing this post

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  1. January 5, 2010 8:48 am

    Love Love Love your blog!

  2. February 18, 2010 9:44 pm

    Excellent work! The Snuggie is the future of the world!


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