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Red Velvet Marble Cake with Peppermint Cream Cheese Icing

December 21, 2009

Sometimes, I like to go all out and bake something crazy. I don’t always need an excuse, but it’s nice to have one. I mean, it could be Arbor Day coming up, and I’ll be like, “Well, looks like this holiday could use some baked goods to be more festive.”

Two years ago, we attended a neighborhood holiday party, and I made this cake. You should make it, Mama, because it’s nomnomnom good! You know it’s good, because it’s from Southern Living. You can find the recipe here. If you need some pictoral convincing, behold:

Swirled Batter

Stack the layers by putting icing in between them to act like glue.

Peppermint overload with the decorations

nom nom nom

My favorite part was either swirling the batter or sitting on my kitchen floor with my 8-lb. weight crushing up candy canes in a ziplock bag. Nothing like crushing candy to make you feel productive.

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