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Facey Tees

December 20, 2009

What says “I am awesome!” more than having your own face stenciled across your front?

Somewhere back in 2006, I started turning people’s faces into stencils via Photoshop or MS Word. There are many ways to create your own stencils. You could do something simple as freezer paper stencils or contact paper stencils, all the way to print Gocco and silkscreening. I use contact paper and mix textile medium with acrylic paint to make my own fabric paint.

As far as the shirts, I usually raid the various hand-me-down bags or my daughter’s closet for blank onesies. Blank onesies learn quickly that being in my house is like a clown on a battlefield–I will take it down with my glue gun or sewing machine. No plain shirt is safe! You can get blank tees from BigBoxStores, the thrift store, etc. Just like the Appliqued Onesies, you can use shirts that have small stains, too.

When you are done painting them, let them dry 24 hours. Put a piece of paper over the paint, and iron to heat set. Turn inside out and wash on cold. You’re done!

You can see my contact paper method with a stencil I made of Jimmy Stewart.

The late Soupy Sales

Soupy Facey Tee

Joyous Marley

Mother and son matching Facey Tee set

Julie showing off her creation

Facey Tee gifts ready to be wrapped

3-6 mo. Facey Tee of my baby, HC

Think of the possibilities!

Tote bags, Pillows

A Hard Day’s Night Beatles Pillows

I really encourage you to try out a Facey Tee. Obviously, these are a hit for gifts. You can snag people’s facebook pictures and surprise them with a customized Facey Tee shirt! If you make one, please feel free to post a link to your creation.

See more Mamas doing:

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