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Hurry Scurry

December 18, 2009

I experienced a crafting accident today. I was cutting out some felt shapes for a rocket ship from The Long Thread I am making (hey, don’t ask), and my scissors snipped a little too far and cleanly cut my skin. So much blood! Good thing my mom helped me get organized, because that cut is nothing some super glue won’t fix in a jiffy, and I know where to find it. Yep.

Slowing down a bit and taking a break from crafting mania, I found myself on the couch watching vivid Yellowstone nature shows in HD. Man, those animals are BUSY. There is no time to waste in the autumn. The program featured some furry woodland creature busily storing pine nuts for the winter, which are 50% fat (hmm, good to know). However, a mama bear and her 3 cubs (1 adopted) got to the stash before the furry thing could protect it. I felt the poor furry thing’s emotions of defeat and despair as it watched those roly-poly bears gobble up the nuts.

I am wondering all this running around I’ve been doing is sort of similar to these fuzzy animals. I did laugh out loud and started my dog when I realized this. It’s hard to remember that we are creating handmade things because it’s important to create something that is useful, functional, and beautiful at the same time. Getting stressed out by UFOs (Unfinished Objects) in the craft stash is just wasted energy. Instead, learn from your mistakes, whether that be a failure of time management, or technical mistakes like sewing the wrong side to the right side for an entire series of blocks (uh, not that I’ve ever done that or anything…yeah).

I’ve made a doll, a taggie blanket, a matching burp cloth, a duck, a robot, and a socktapus since last Saturday. I am not done, either. Thanks to Grammy Pammy for the exersaucer. It is so new, orange, and loud that HC is totally occupied for long stretches of time. I will post pictures and discuss making these items in future posts.

Cutting my hand might have been a good thing for me because it forced me to slow down and think about why I am happy to give myself some added-on stress by making a large majority of my gifts to people this year. Don’t lose sight of your crafting spirit this holiday season!

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