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Don’t believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free

December 10, 2009
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I did a deep clean of my house, and I didn’t wear a dust mask for under the beds. Boy, should I have! It was awful. I was sneezing and such. That made me think of flowers for my friend K’s wedding, who is getting married next fall. I am the Matron of Honor. I am very excited to be able to geek out about wedding stuff, especially if it involves crafts.

Most brides usually consider if they want flowers or not. Unfortunately, she’s allergic to scents.

Being allergic to cats my entire life, I know the misery an allergy attack can bring, and the feeling of panic and helplessness when you can’t control your breathing. It makes me have a taste memory where I tasted the rubbery latex taste of the albuterol inhaler.

No bride wants to be either woozy-smacky from allergy pills, or pink-eyed and sniffy-sneezy. When I was planning my wedding, I would go browse Craftster forums to find neat DIY wedding ideas. I remembered some neato paper origami flowers.

A little lightbulb went off in my head–this is the first time I can really choose Mama See Mama Do’s first official project, a project that came to fruition since I bought my domain name just days ago and started furiously writing.

I’ve been looking around the internet as I design my craft blog, and I have found a few things:

Making flowers could also give me a chance to hang out with K’s sister-in-law, who also has a little one, and K’s mom, who I can talk wedding stuff all day long. Seriously, I can go straight down a mental index of all the aspects of a wedding.

Keep checking back as I update this post with flowers I try out. I am definitely going to be making some holiday gift bows out of the Crate and Barrel catalogs scattered throughout my house.

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