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Tour Tee Taggie

December 7, 2009

HC’s started grabbing what she can get and shoving it in her mouth. She seems to favor cloth over plastic items for now. I had seen original Taggie blankets, but certainly didn’t want to spend $20 on one. I like how the inventor made one after realizing that babies always go for the tags of blankets and toys.

I took an old Phish tour shirt and repurposed it into a super fresh taggie blanket. The cloud fabric came from some old pajama pants. Some of the ribbons are from gifts she received. Total cost for me=free ninety nine! I love how four people have now said, “Hey, I remember that shirt!” I feel like HC can have parts of my life before her incorporated in her toys now to give those items a fresh start.

Make sure all your ribbons are pinned with the folded side pointing inward

"Hey! I remember when you used to wear that shirt!"

I couldn’t stop making just one! A woman posted on a message board I read if anyone knew where to get a taggie. I practically begged her to let me make her one for free. This is for baby Haley. I got all fancy with the photography for a sneak peak shot at another technique I just taught myself…more on that later!

Close up of H

Taggies are a fun thing to bring over when you meet a new baby for the first time. I made this one for baby Aiden, who at 10 weeks old will certainly enjoy playing with the brightly colored ribbons.

Look carefully at the people print, because it's not the first time you will see it on Mama See Mama Do!

Charlotte is an internet friend of mine who posts on some of the same forums as I do. Check out her  Taggies! Tutorial at her blog, Umm Quais. I am super excited to get together in the future with her to make things out of felted sweaters, or just to geek out over crafty things.

In the future I want to make taggie stegosauruses (stegosaurae?), giraffes, etc.

After you’ve admired one and thought about how it would be so easy to make one, and let me see, I bet I can find some ribbon around here, oh yes, here it is, what was I saying? Oh yes–taggie time! Make one and post it here.

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