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Appliqued Onesies

December 7, 2009

Ahh, the onesie–the standard baby outfit. Like many of you, I found few clothes in the big box stores that I would willingly buy to dress my child at full price. If she happened to get it as a gift, it would just be “meh,” but I certainly didn’t like 80% of the pink stuff. What exactly does “Little Sweetie” mean when she’s just pooped all over me and I’ve just found a glob of spit up in my hair that resembles Elmer’s glue and smells like, well, I won’t go there. I certainly don’t want to do any false advertising and have my baby promoting a lie or anything.

Appliqueing images cut from fabric onto onesies I already owned was the perfect way to keep a functional item–little bodysuits with snaps–into something very personalized. I love to make these for friends, for baby showers, etc. Sometimes I find onesies with little stains on them or with a really stupid saying on it that screams, “Cover my obnoxiousness please!” In such cases, appliques are awesome!

Where You Can Find Onesies:

  • Regular big box stores (good for gifting)
  • Online stores
  • Garage, yard, consignment, and tag sales
  • Craigslist
  • Freecycle
  • Your child’s closet
  • Thrift Stores
  • Hand-me-down clothes from friends, coworkers, or family

Where You Can Find Inspiration to Personalize Your Onesie:

  • Think about what the parents’ interests are. Sports teams, hobbies, and bands are always fun. You can look online to check out how the logo looks. Know your copyright laws, and play fair by not selling any images that are someone else’s creations.
  • Think about images you’ve seen on other onesies that you thought were cute. I like to look at animal stencils or other images online.
  • Pick shapes that have bold, clean lines and don’t contain too many details to make for easy cutting and stitching.

I’ve got my onesie! Now what do I do?

I use Heat n’ Bond iron-on fusible interfacing. You can buy this by the roll from a craft store. I also use scraps of fabric from my stash. If you are using any letters or images where the direction matters, take precautions when cutting out your items to avoid backwards letters. I made a backwards e once. Oops.

When you’ve ironed on your applique, you can use any stitch you want to decorate the edges. I usually just do a simple stitch, since most likely I have procrastinated so badly to the point that I make myself late finishing the gift.

The simple pictures and clear instructions make Fabric Appliques by a great resource to show you step by step what you need to do to prepare your shape for appliqueing.

Applique Gallery
I’ve made these mainly for gifts. The tie one is always a hit. Isn’t it ridiculous? I also like making birds.

See more Mamas doing!

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  1. Beth Wade permalink
    December 9, 2009 3:26 am

    Cuteness! Love all the designs you did…and Will is destined for supermodeldom 😉


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